Custom Homes

Make Your Dream Home Your Forever Home

Make Your Dream Home Your Forever Home

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You deserve to love where you live. When you choose Hughes & Son Homes to build your dream home, you certainly will. We will work hand in hand with you as your custom home builders to create a home that you love. From the layout to the lighting, you'll choose everything in your new custom home design to make sure it fits your needs and your style.

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Break ground on your new build

When you choose Hughes & Son Homes as your custom home builder, you can expect us to help you through the entire process. Our experts will walk you through:

  • Planning and designing - First, we'll discuss the overview of your project and help you find financing to complete the job. Then, we'll get started designing a home within your budget.
  • All phases of construction - From site preparation to framing and building, you'll be included in each step to ensure every aspect of your new home meets your needs.
  • Finishing touches - You'll have the final say in all finishing touches, like windows, doors, cabinets and floors, and we'll make sure your choices fit within your budget.

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